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Phantom Quartz

Phantom Quartz

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Phantom Quartz are created when another substance other than Quartz washes over the crystal, leaving a layer on the termination during the crystal’s natural growth cycle. The crystal continues to grow, leaving an image of itself where it was at the time the substance washed over it.
Phantoms can be made up of such minerals as Chlorite, Hematite, or even Clay. On occasion heat can play a part, causing a phantom to be visible through a different color shade.

Phantom Quartz is a gemstone that heals the past and let you proceed to the future.
Phantom Quartz has a meaning and properties of stimulating your self-growth. It can be useful to grow your talents or skills. It is also a good gemstone for people who work in technical jobs or research jobs, and can be used to project growth and plan milestones.

Phantom quartz are very good for helping us move past blockages, where we may have become stuck. In crystal healing, the Phantom Quartz harnesses the healing vibrations found deep within the earth, giving it profound powers of insight and spiritual inspiration. If the Phantom Quartz crystal has captivated you with its alluring vibes and dramatic aesthetic, it could be a sign that you need help getting out of a rut in your life.

Please note that energy healing products are not substitutes for conventional medicine, for medical issues or concerns seek the help of licensed medical professionals.

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