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The vibrational frequency of Larimar is one of the highest of any gemstone; the energy in larimar is incredibly high, resulting in many desirable properties.
It is finely attuned with the throat chakra and many believe it has the ability to enhance a person’s communication skills.
Throat Chakra!

Larimar has shown great effects on one's trust and love towards their partner, as it opens their hearts and souls, revealing their true feelings and love towards one another.
Larimar is the ultimate love stone for couples of all ages.

When placed on the skin the high vibrational energy of Larimar can help to ease stress and tension and it is said to be excellent for clearing headaches. Local folklore also says that Larimar has the ability to attract one's soul mate!

Larimar is highly sought after within the metaphysical community. Healers that use gemstones in their work were amongst the first people to recognize the true rarity and value of larimar and much has been written about the metaphysical properties.

According to the Book of Stones by Robert Simmons, placing larimar on your work desk can promote a  relaxed and serene atmosphere.
Carry larimar around for good luck and wear larimar around your neck to promote clearer communication.
Even those who don’t believe in the healing powers of stones often carry their larimar around as a good luck charm.

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