About Tania Gómez

A sustainable jewellery and mined gems, quartz and minerals option.
TGJ has been in the forefront of the slow sustainable jewellery movement since its beginnings in Mexico City in 2002.
Using recycled sterling silver, gold, and responsibly mined stones wherever possible in our work.
We take pride in making everything about our jewellery from start to finish, handcrafted in our atelier. At the same time, we are grateful to collaborate with renowned Canadian suppliers such as  Umicore Precious Metals, a metal refining company, and HL Casting Ltd, a small family-owned precious metal casting company. They recycle silver, gold, platinum and palladium. It’s an eco-friendly way to obtain precious metals without supporting new mining.
Our Gems, Quartz and Minerals:
TGJ is proud to be working with the best source of ethically mined, traceable and recycled stones. We opt for socially-conscious, lab-grown gems like Moissanite or Aurora Quartz, among others.
Most of our stones have been hand-mined by free people using low-impact methods. We completely avoid the purchase of stones that may have been mined under poor labour conditions, or with environmentally-dubious methods.
TGJ designs are contemporany for the everyday outfit; our proposal is to complement the energy action of your jewel with the perfect mix of a tumbled bead or quartz cluster of their choice.
 As a special plus, allow us to mention that all our products are gluten-free. :D