Charoite "Stone of The Dragon"

Charoite "Stone of The Dragon"

High Vibration Crystal

CHAROITE  is a powerful protection, grounding and healing stone of the purple ray. It is a stone that aids transformation and is filled with deep physical and emotional healing properties. It can help one in overcoming fears, compulsions, alienation, frustrations and obsessions. Charoite is best known for its ability to connect the Heart Chakra with the Crown Chakra, which can assist one to openly express and receive love.

Helps in opening the inner senses to their highest potential.

This is a great grounding stone for healers, as it grounds higher frequency energies into the physical world. It is also a great for grounding spiritual energy. This helps one remain calm and focused. Charoite is also a highly protective stone and emanates much light energy.

Remove blockages and stagnant energies from the bodies whole energy flow.

The vibrations of Charoite are known to stimulate the higher chakras. It will open, balance and stimulate the Crown Chakra, first. Once the Crown Chakra is open and fully activated it will then move upward to activate the Soul Star Chakra.

Encourages actual time travel of the spirit into deep astral travel.

Charoite is a great stone to help one cope during a time of spiritual change. It will cleanses the Aura of any negative energies, which will lift one’s vibrations. It will then aid one in reaching higher states of consciousness where they can access higher realities.

CHAKRA(s): Solar Plexus, Heart, Third-Eye, Crown, Soul Star 

(Activates Crown and Soul Star Chakra)

Zodiac: Sagittarius/Scorpio


  • Healing
  • Power
  • Love
  • Protection
  • Grounding


  • Psychic Attack
  • Against Ultra Violet Rays & X-Rays


  • Activation of Inner Vision
  • Crown Chakra
  • Soul Star Chakra
  • Dream Recall
  • Lucid Dreaming
  • Contentment
  • Serenity
  • Transformation
  • Letting-Go
  • Peace
  • Patience
  • Tolerance
  • Spiritual Awareness
  • Psychic Abilities
  • Forgiveness
  • Self-Esteem
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Spiritual Insight
  • Unconditional Love
  • Dream Recall


  • Grounds the spiritual body
  • Cleans the Aura
  • Helps to overcome fear
  • Fosters psychic abilities
  • Aids transformation
  • Provides connection between head and heart
  • Assists one in partaking in self-inflicted lessons
  • Helps in the letting go of past attachments
  • Helps one understand just how awesome they truly are
  • Helps to instill truth
  • Gives courage to start anew
  • Strengthens connection to higher-self and supreme beings
  • Lifts energy
  • Assist one in having lucid dreams
  • Centers one during difficult circumstances
  • Place under pillow to rid nightmares
  • Soothes negative emotions
  • Raises self-esteem
  • Gives one a sense of security
  • Releases dissolution of negative energies
  • Aids one in taking positive leaps
  • Aids vibrational lifts
  • Links one to higher realities
  • Synthesizes the heart


  • Regulates Blood Pressure
  • Soothes Headaches
  • Boosts Production of Hormones
  • Calms Nervous System
  • Aids Hearing Disorders
  • Cures Insomnia
  • Elixir For Arthritis
  • Heals Liver Problems
  • Strengthens Immune System
  • Aids Alcohol Detoxification
  • Removes health issues arising from deep seated fears and/or negativity
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